I am a PhD student, and I study the formation of supermassive black holes and the first stars. With numerical simulations I studied the importance of a proper treatment of H2 self-shielding for the so-called direct collapse scenario.

Recently, I investigated the detectability of the remnants of the first stars with gravitational waves, using a semi-analytical model. Further detections of BH-BH mergers over the next decade can be used to constrain the primordial initial mass function.

Expected detections of BH-BH mergers per year for the current (top) and final (bottom). Mergers with mass >300 Msun are very likely to be of remnants of the first stars. From Hartwig et al. (2016).

Furthermore, I’m interested in the interaction of accreting black holes with their host galaxy.

You can find more information about me and my research on my professional webpage.